black eyed soul showed up on the Americana music scene with their debut album in late 2000 with a collection of rootsy pop tunes which caught the attention of the slow emerging movement of Americana pop lovers.

From perseverance of black eyed soul’s relentless spur and humble beginnings they have released 6 full length studio records, toured in the U.S., and have been on Americana radio around the world.

With the rise of online music sales black eyed soul overcame the challenges of the ever evolving and unpredictability of the vast music business on a noncommercial and indie level by sticking to their roots and continuing to create their own version of some home grown rock and roll. black eyed soul still holds true to its core values transcending into the soundtrack for the underdog.

black eyed soul has finally completed their long awaited album entitled, “Season of Self Loathing”.

“Season of Self Loathing” serves as a reminder of how life is hard sometimes, but we get through it.